What is Market Research?

Market Research is the collection, study and analysis of data. Private companies and the government often conduct surveys and research studies to better understand what people need or want – they use the information they gather to make informed decisions about new or enhanced products and services.

What is Uthink?

Uthink is the largest youth market research community in Canada. Our members are teens and young adults who want to share their opinions and shape the products/services that are important to them. We partner with organizations looking to improve their products/services, and make them more relevant to young people.

What do you do with the data that you collect?

The information we collect through our surveys and questionnaires is kept completely confidential, and we do not store personal information or correlate personal data with survey responses. In fact, all our data is compiled and analyzed in aggregate, and any potential identifying information is removed before it is sent to our clients.

Why do you need my personal information?

We require basic contact information so that we can contact the winner of a prize draw. This information is generally limited to an email address and/or phone number.

We ask for demographic information (gender, year of birth, geographic location) to help us match you with surveys that fit your profile. Most market researchers want to ensure they are reaching a balanced group of people and are achieving results which are truly accurate representations of the general population. Other times, studies are targeted at very specific groups of people, for instance, people with children or retirees. Gathering this type of information simply helps us filter out surveys which don’t match your profile.

How do I get invited to surveys?

You will receive email invitations to participate in new surveys that match your profile.

The best way to ensure you receive as many survey invitations as possible is to keep an up-to-date profile. We recommend updating your profile once every 6 months to ensure your information is accurate. Of course, you can update your profile at anytime, especially if you change your email address or experience a major life event (eg. graduate, get married, move, have children, etc.).

If you do not receive any emails from us, it may be because our emails are being blocked or filtered out. In such a case, you will need to add us to your email safe list.

I get invited to surveys, but I get messages that I don’t “qualify” or that “the quota is full”.

In situations where you don’t qualify for a survey, it simply means the market research company is looking for participants using strict criteria. Unfortunately, this criteria often goes beyond the information stored in your profile, so we won’t know if you qualify without asking a few preliminary questions. This occurrence is natural, as not everyone will qualify for every survey.

In situations where the quota is full, it means that your demographic group is filled for a study. Often, studies will set limits or “quotas” on the number of participants from a particular demographic group, for example: females, aged 18-34 living in Toronto. The quota limits also help keep a balance of people from different groups so the data collected is representative of the real population.

What if I have a question this FAQ does not cover?

If you need additional assistance, please send an email to info@uthink.com. We look forward to receiving your comments and questions!