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By completing surveys that interest you, you’ll provide feedback about your preferences, attitudes and buying behaviours. This feedback helps organizations improve their products/services, and make them more relevant to you.

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  • We offer $22,000 in prizing each year:
    • There are new prizes of $250-$500 every month, AND
    • There are twelve $500-$1,000 quarterly grand prizes throughout the year
  • When you join you automatically earn:
    • An entry into our monthly cash draw (1 prize of $500, 2 prizes of $250), AND
    • An entry into our quarterly grand prize draw (2 prizes of $1,000, 1 prize of $500)
  • Each survey you complete earns you another entry into our monthly cash draw and another entry into our quarterly grand prize draw. Each survey completed between the first and last day of the month counts as one entry into the draws.
  • Selected surveys earn more than one entry into our monthly and quarterly draws (specific information is provided in the survey invitation email).
  • Occasionally, we also offer guaranteed cash awards as an incentive to complete a specific survey (that’s in addition to the entry you’ll receive for our monthly and quarterly draws). In these cases we will notify you in advance through our email invitation.
  • The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have to win!

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